Jun 08, 2015

Meet the Only Pair of Lounge Pants You'll Need This Summer

Tani just released a line of super-soft silk lounge pants—perfect for lazing on a summer afternoon.


Fashion is always a season or two ahead, which is why some brands are already looking at winterwear…or at least, some variation of it. aussieBum rolled out the ultra-warm Outback Longjohns, and now Tani has unveiled two new Tani Luxury Lounge Pants, just in case June turns out to be cooler than we expected.

The first of these two new loungers is the French Terry Lounge Pant ($125), which is available in a cozy-looking grey color. Made from premium fabrics — Pima cotton and luxurious Japanese polyester — the key word here is comfort for this pair of Tani Luxury Lounge Pants. The loose-fitting trousers come with deep-set pockets ringed in white stitching, both of them held secure with a drawstring waist. Cinched ankles keep every bit of warmth safely inside these Tani Luxury Lounge Pants.

The second lounge pant is part of Tani’s super soft SilkCut collection (pictured), a lineup made from Micro Modal Air. The innovative fabric is thinner, softer and more durable than silk, and the SilkCut Lounge Pant ($95) meets that same mark. It comes in two dark blue colors: Abysses and Indigo. These colors make it perfect for day or nighttime wear. The flattering colors on these Tani Luxury Lounge Pants work with the lean, trim design to slim down your legs and waist.

Are you already ready for cooler clothes? Which Tani Luxury Lounge Pants would you wear? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet at @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Tani

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