Aug 29, 2014

Tailor Vintage Reversible Shorts Make Weekend Getaways Easy

Some men expend vast amounts of time and effort to...

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Some men expend vast amounts of time and effort to own some of the world’s finest brands of clothing. We at Urbasm prefer to expend a little more effort to discover some of the finest clothing that may not be known to every man.

Tailor Vintage is a modest brand with a big promise. They take some of America’s classic fabrics, mix them, match them, and then gently distress them until they fit a gentleman’s personality.

To finish the job, they package every item with the same time and attention that used to go into the detail of a modern Jaguar F-Type. I’m talking about tags that feature a line of cut rope, swatches of patchwork madras, and an extra button. The last time we ran into a manufacturer that looked after their brand with this much care and attention—well, we really can’t remember when the last time was, but it’s been awhile.

TV Shorts 7

One of Tailor Vintage’s lines that has caught our attention this summer when we requested a few samples–was their reversible shorts. While we are men who pack for a weekend trip with exhaustive preparation, if we can simplify that rule, we would gladly take the short cut.

TV Shorts 8

These reversible shorts offer two looks in one compact presentation. As you’ll notice, most fabric combinations consider the need to juggle the possibility of fun casual prints with a clean solid color that knows how to take things either up or down a notch, depending on your intention.

TV Shorts 6

The fabric on these shorts is warm, bustling, energetic, and makes ‘looking good’ an easy proposition. I’m not always down for bright colors on my waist or legs, but these have been distressed just enough to take some of the edge off, and allow them to ease onto your personality like an old friend.

TV Shorts 4

Going for a weekend getaway with just the clothes on your back is no longer as risky as it once was with the Tailor Vintage line of reversible shorts. These shorts offer two looks in one, and then all you need to do is pair them up with one of their polo’s or grameen check shirts and you’re good to go.

And since I brought it up, Tailor Vintage’s grameen shirts are handmade with 100 percent cotton yarn dye check fabric, and are slim fitting and extremely soft and comfortable. In other words, yeah, we pretty much like their entire line of summer menswear. And to maintain the integrity of this find–we suggest that we keep this little secret between the two of us.

Start planning for your next weekend getaway here.

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