Jul 29, 2013

Summer’s Hottest Polarized Styles

Polarized sunglasses are popping up all over the place this...

Polarized sunglasses are popping up all over the place this summer, but what’s the deal with this particular style?

Sunglasses are classified as polarized based on the type of lenses they use. That means that both your old-school wayfarers and brand new sports frames could be utilizing polarized lenses. (You can pop on over to The Sun Authority for tips on how to tell if your current shades are polarized.)

So any pair of sunglasses could be polarized, but why should we care? The answer is simple: Polarized lenses reduce glare so you can see the ballgame, the beach, or even that best-selling book more clearly.

For the curious among us, you can learn even more about polarization here. For the rest, here are this summer’s most popular pairs that have gone polar.

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