Jun 23, 2014

Summer style: The Gagliardi boating jacket

Summer is an excellent time to wear bright colors, light...

Summer is an excellent time to wear bright colors, light fabrics and fancy patterns! A summer jacket is a piece any man should own! It is a staple of style, elegance and attitude.

We know that it might be hard to come across quality summer jackets, as many tend to be too thick for the hot weather. Also, a summer jacket needs to be versatile and very practical, since during the summer most guys need to transition quite often from one look to another. This is why today we want to focus on a single jacket that is a great example of what a summer jacket should be: the new Gagliardi Yellow and Sky Stripe Blazer. We will look at some general aspects of this jacket in part one and focus on the details in part two.



The Gagliardi Yellow and Sky Stripe Blazer on the runway!


The Gagliardi Yellow and Sky Stripe Blazer is part of the spring-summer 2014 collection by Maltese brand Gagliardi, which is a family-owned business focusing on creating high-quality men’s clothes and accessories. The company was established in 1964 and provides fantastic Mediterranean  pieces that are sure to make the wearer not only look great, but to feel amazing as well. We like them because they have a strong voice and an original style and because they stay true to their vision and style.


Gagliardi yellow and blue stripes jacket


The new Gagliardi boating jacket is an expression of their vision and of the great Mediterranean style.


Structure and cut

Summer jackets should be very light and comfortable, but they should still have a great structure which should frame your body well. The Gagliardi jacket checks all these points: the fabric is very light but it is strong enough to keep the jackets well-tailored structure. The reason why this is important is because you don’t want your jacket to look like a sheet that gets blown away by the first wind. A jacket should look like a jacket, even if it is a light summer piece.

From a technical point of view, the jacket is quite well tailored. The seams are straight, the inside of the jacket is also carefully crafted. You will notice a very big difference between a jacket that has a standard cut and one that is the result of good craftsmanship. We advise you to always buy jackets that are made by specialized brands rather than standard ones. They are worth the money and the results will be great!



The jacket has a slim fit cut, which is very modern and trendy. Slim fit jackets are a great way to go in the summer as they will frame your body very well. The jacket has a very trim, clean silhouette in the sleeves and the torso and therefore it will have a close-cut feel. If you are a guy who is not used to wearing a slim-fit jacket, you definitely should try out a jacket such as this one. Give it a little time and you will get used to the close tailoring. We generally prefer jackets that are tighter than those that are loose. A slim-fit cut will make you feel more present in your clothes and will make them appear as an extension of yourself, rather than something that you put on.

The jacket has two buttons, so when you wear it, you should always unfasten the lower button, while leaving the upper one buttoned. It also features three pockets, one on each side of the jacket and one on the upper left part, allowing you to style it up with a pocket square.

Which brings us to our next point.


How to wear it

Gagliardi yellow and blue blazer Another reason why we like this jacket is because it is very versatile. It can be worn on numerous occasions and can be easily transitioned from day to night.

Its pattern and colors allow you to mix it up with a vast series of colors and pieces. Yellow might be a color that is quite hard to match, but this is where the other colors step up: the jacket can be easily paired with pretty much any pastel color, especially with blue or even purple.

Speaking of colors, if you want your jacket to be the center of attention and your main piece, you can wear it with neutral colors, so that it stands out because of the sunny colors and pattern. Wearing it with white or ivory for example will make the jacket the center of attention.


You can also wear it with other patterns, such as checkers, but if you do, make sure that the lines of the other patterns are in a different size than the lines of the jacket.


When it comes to layering and choosing other pieces with which you can wear the jacket, as we said, it can be worn with a large variety of things: because of its bright colors and relaxed pattern, it can be worn both with shorts and long pants and it can look great with a fine pair of loafers.

In terms of accessories, the jacket allows you to wear a lot of pieces: you can wear it with a pocket square, but make sure that the pocket square does not match the jacket in terms of fabric. You can easily wear a pocket square in any of the colors found on the jacket, or even a very colorful one, featuring a pattern or a print. Mixing patterns is not easy, but if you experiment with it and see what works and what doesn’t you can get great results.

Moreover, you can also wear it with a tie or with a casual bow tie: again, you can either choose a piece that comes in a solid color or one with a pattern.


To conclude, we can say that if you are looking for something new this season, you should definitely try out the new jacket by Gagliardi! It has all the marks of a quality product and it can be your companion for a hot summer day or a breezy evening.


Stay tuned for part two of the article, where we will be looking at the details of the jacket!

In the meantime, check out Gagliardi and their Spring / Summer ’14 offering on their website www.gagliardi.eu.”


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