May 31, 2013

Summer Pieces

First things first, a big thank you to the readers...


First things first, a big thank you to the readers of my blog. I noticed I made the Top 100 UK Men’s Fashion section and the Top 200 Global Men’s Fashion section on the Bloglovin website which was a pleasant surprise. We’ve had days where it’s been sunny, snowy and rainy all on the same day in spring but summer is approaching and eventually I’ll feel confident enough to leave the house without a jacket or coat.

In preparation for those warmer and sunnier days I’ve got some pieces that I think are fitting for summer. Please forgive my folding skills! When you start taking pictures of your clothes you realise how its near impossible to get perfect angles on your folds, trust me it’s harder than it looks and lets not even discuss my ironing skills.

Every season there’s a distinctive colour that seems to be raved by people who follow fashion. When I bought these pieces I had no knowledge of what this season’s colour was. Turns out its blue…a happy coincidence :)


1. This lightweight, regular fit, organic cotton, shirt from H&M has two hues of blue in a sort of vaguely Aztec print. It’s subtle and relaxed which I think is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. For some odd reason in-store it was £9.99 but online you can order it for for two pounds less.


2. I’ve been looking for a pair of classic brown Oxford shoes, Topman had a great pair on sale for about £50 but for some foolish reason I decided on buying them a few days later only to see they had ran out of stock. In April, Zara had these brown capped Oxfords online which fit the bill nicely. They’re just £69.99 and I can see them lasting me for a while.


3. I picked this one up in the sale rack for just £7! It was down from £19.99 at H&M so I feel quite smug about it even if I already have a near identical shirt in a near identical shade. You can never have too many oxford shirts in my opinion, they’re timeless and can be worn all year round.


4. Zara has really stepped up it’s pattern game this summer; I love the floral, exotic print on this one and the material is some sort of polyester blend that’s breathable and cool. Get it for £19.99. The pattern reminded me of my favourite bottled water, Fiji! It’s hard to find but I know Selfridges stock it, don’t you think the design of the bottle is good enough to be an accessory? Haha.



5. I mentioned buying a Cheap Monday wallet in the Boxing Day sales but when I came across this charming card holder (down from £1.50 to 50p) at Topman I couldn’t resist. I think its a good choice for summer because often you want to slim down your wallets and keep your pockets feeling free.. It’s simple yet the envelop design leaves an impression when you take it out.

Let me know what you’re favourite things are this summer.

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