Sep 15, 2013

Suit Up

Time and time again, I think back to the idea...

Time and time again, I think back to the idea of “the devil is in the details”. And while I can’t wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment in every situation, that mantra is truly epitomized in wearing a suit.




In my mind, every detail matters and is evident, whether it’s the width of the lapel or the way you fold your pocket square.


IMG_6528 IMG_6518


Personally, a suit without a pocket square is incomplete in my mind. Even though this add-on is largely just for show, the square works overtime to tie together the entire ensemble. Other details, like a flower lapel pin, take this idea to the next level.

IMG_6531 IMG_6529 IMG_6519


Make every article count, from the cut of your pants to the color of your socks.



Special thanks to hook + ALBERT for the lapel pin and socks and Arrie Rose for the pocket square. The rest of the look can be found below.

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