Feb 09, 2015

Subscription Services Worth Subscribing To

We currently live in a society where everything we want...

Subscription Services Worth Subscribing To

We currently live in a society where everything we want can be delivered to us by the click of a mouse. Honestly, everything you went to the store for can now be found waiting for you at your doorstep each month. In some cases this actually sucks for brick and mortar stores to maintain their shops and revenue, and on the other hand, it is convenient for the always working consumer who always tends to forget a few things on their to-do list.

We’ve compiled a few subscription services that we feel are or can be essential towards making your life easier month-to-month. 


Quip – Half of the U.S. population does not brush twice a day, and for those who so brush, more than half don’t brush for a full two minutes, and 75% don’t replace their brush head every 3 months as recommended.  Quip decided to create an electric toothbrush that solves that common problem without the useless cost of superfluous features. Quips subscription service conveniently reminds users to replace their brush head on time by having supplies delivered straight to the front door. 


Bevel - This quarterly subscription service and shop is completely dedicated to shaving. You just chose a shave plan based on how often you shave and the rest is done for you. 



Bespoke Post – is a high-quality and carefully curated  men’s subscription box service that offers 1-3 new boxes around a theme. You can select which one you want, or decide to skip that month.


Five Four Club – You take a brief survey when you sign up (sizes and style preferences), and then each month they send you on average 2-3 new clothing pieces or accessories.


Svbscription – Following a similar  themed concept as other monthly subscriptions, Svbscription is a luxury high-design quarterly box for men who do not mind spending a few $100 on clothing. 



Jacked Packed –  If you need a extra bit of help staying consistent with your fitness goals, this monthly service offers a helping hand. Just enter your fitness goals and their team of experts introduce you to the best products you can’t try anywhere else.


Mantry – The Mantry monthly crate allows you to discover and eat 5-6 full-size, super premium foods from around America, that you would not normally find in your local grocer.

What are some of your favorite subscriptions services that we didn’t mention? Feel free leave your comments below 

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