Nov 02, 2014

Style Advice | Denim Jacket 3 Ways : Part II

Pulling a little inspiration from my time with GQ x...


Pulling a little inspiration from my time with GQ x SIMON(s) #LOOKBOOKLIVE series for this one. A top trend this season is the “The New Office” look, a way to add some edge and personal style while still maintaining except-able work place attire. The look is all about adding bold signature pieces, that transform a basic ensemble into a one that is your very own.

As I mentioned in the previous post, “Style Advice | Denim Jacket 3 Ways : Part I”, Primarily, the denim trucker jacket is a top layer and should be utilized with the same versatility as a blazer. In an attempt to follow my own direction, I took a stab at walking the denim trucker jacket into the office, disguised as a suit jacket.


• The Look: Well, why the hell not?! My first initial thought, was to replace the vest with the trucker jacket, which was a good looking option. But if you’re going to go bold, why go in half way. Anybody can put a suit on, it’s details that make the real difference. We’re millennials, everything we do is about comfort, functionality and looking cool as shit—this look say’s just that.

The navy 3 piece suit was paired with a black shirt, shoes, and watch for contrast. The color combination gives the look an effortless appeal while retaining the “I DO THIS” attitude. The last thing you want to do while making a style statement, is having that message read in big bold letters, I TRIED WAY TO HARD GETTING DRESSED THIS MORNING. When every it feels too much, it probably is. So, when all else fails KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)—keep the colors and patterns to a minimum.


• The Accessiores: Remember this is “The New Office” look, “Office” being the keyword. Keep accessories to a minimum, and always match your leathers (black leather double monk straps = black leather watch band) it’s just smoother. In the case you would like to add in a tie to this color scheme, I would suggest a dark solid or one with again—>minimum pattern and details.

Though a small lapel pin or flower would be a nice touch, maybe even a pocket square to really sale the denim blazer persona. As long as you allow your denim jacket to do majority of the talking (trust me, it’s talking cash ish’), you’ll master this look in no time.

• The Brands: Zara (Denim Jacket) // Zara (Vest Birds Eye) // Zara (Pants Birds Eye) // JF J.Ferrar (Slim Fit Shirt) // Allend Edmonds (Belt) // Fossil (Watch) // Thread Etiquette (Anchor and Beaded Bracelets) // JCP (Socks) // Aldo (Double Monk Straps)

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Photo Credit: @GVOFILMS

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