Apr 21, 2014

Structured, Harlem

  Menswear brand Combat Gents mission is to sell reasonably...


Menswear brand Combat Gents mission is to sell reasonably priced suits and shirts under 200 bucks. The brand targets guys who aren't looking to spend two thousand dollars on a suit but wants to look good on a budget. We were able to test out the product and see what the hype about. First, the fit of the jacket was spot on, but can be shorten about 1 inch for shorter guys. Trousers were not the most comfortable fit because of the high seat and pants leg need to be tapered for a slimmer look. If you're keeping track we've already potentially racked up a few dollars in alterations, but the free shipping and returns makes up for the alteration cost.  

A few things we would add to the service is more style like a double breasted suit, more color options other then grey, black and navy suits, and maybe even a made-to-measure option to cut back on alterations. We liked the wool fabric because it was soft and didn't feel uncomfortable, but what about linen and cotton suits for Spring?  

For the styling, we created a casual meets dressy ensemble for our model Takashi Spector. By pairing a black and grey sweater over a white shirt, black scarf over the suit jacket and off white trainers to complete the look. 


Location | RiverSide Drive Viaduct, Harlem 


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