Apr 05, 2014

Staying Comfortable in Tropical Climates

Staying Comfortable in Tropical Climates Tank: Vans/ Shorts: American Eagle/...










Staying Comfortable in Tropical Climates

Tank: Vans/ Shorts: American Eagle/ Shoes: Soludos/ Bracelet: George Frost/ Watch: Casio/ Belt: H&M

Excuse my day late post everyone, but these past couple of days have been jam packed with activities from 6am to 10pm on repeat. I am loving every single moment of it, but trying to work while trying to have fun in 90+ weather doesn’t allow much time for actual work once I’m done for the day. Which is a real shame, because each hotel/ location I’ve stayed at so far has been phenomenal and I wish I could share the experience with you all. I’ve tried my best on instagram, make sure to follow along @FredRdgz.

As for clothing, I’m sure glad I packed accordingly. As I mentioned it’s been 90+ each day, which I am not complaining after what seemed like a never ending winter in New York. A key that I’ve learned is tank-tops and shorts are the best way to stay comfortable while traveling. Though I would highly recommend sun screen, a quick mistake I made and have been paying for these past two days. Other than that, you don’t need much else than tropical prints and complimenting shorts to stay comfortable while in tropical climates.

Lastly, I wanted to give you a little peak into my stay at The Crown Lanta Hotel in Ko Lanta Krabi, Thailand, where I was welcomed to a hotel room that was literally larger than my New York apartment and had it’s own balcony (gasp, I know!). I was literally in heaven and couldn’t have been bothered to miss their beach at sunrise which is where I captured these photos. A little piece of paradise on the cusp of the south of Thailand.

photographer: Zach

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