Sep 10, 2013

Stantt: The Perfect Fitting Shirt

Image Courtesy of Stantt Stantt is a new brand that...

Image Courtesy of Stantt

Stantt is a new brand that is aimed to fix one large problem in menswear. They are reimagining how the industry looks at sizing, taking it from S, M, L, and XL to over 50 sizes that provide the customer with a perfecting fitting shirt. The guys at Stantt have developed a simple algorithm that has you plug in three simple measurements (chest, waist, and arm length) and out pops your perfect fitting shirt. Their goal is ultimately have men feel better about themselves by wearing clothes that they actually feel good in!

To me, this sounds like an amazing idea. Being so tall and lanky, I have a hard time finding shirts that are tailored to my body and still fit my arms. I either look like the shirt shrunk a few sizes in the dryer or like I am trying to bring back puffy sleeves (believe me, I’m not) so the fact that they take arm length into consideration is a big selling point for me!

Now Stantt is still in it’s developmental stages… or should I say kickstarter stages… so if you want a perfect fitting button-up shirt or polo head on over to stantt and reserve your shirt today!

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