Jul 16, 2013

Standing on the Sun

This summer, I’m all about the short sleeve button downs....

This summer, I’m all about the short sleeve button downs. I find myself constantly choosing short sleeves over long sleeves. As you probably have noticed, I always roll up any long sleeve shirt I wear. Why not just go for the short sleeve? I also choose to roll up the sleeve on these shirts too just because I’m little and the sleeves are a little long for my arm length. (Just an FYI.)

Shirt | Frank & Oak
Shorts | Club Monaco
Belt | H&M
Shoes | Aldo
Bow Tie | H&M
Sunglasses | Warby Parker

Frank & Oak is the one brand that I have been impressed with for every piece of clothing in their summer collections. The floral prints, the plaid checks and the clothing quality shine bright. It’s hard to look at the site and not want to buy everything. Each month they keep adding more and more. If you don’t check their collections out and gush over the menswear, you’re the worst. Just saying.

Photos by Emily Wyler


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