Jun 28, 2013

SS14 Preview: Ontour

Ontour is a contemporary brand founded in the Netherlands by...


Ontour is a contemporary brand founded in the Netherlands by Remco van der Velden and  Etienne Dekkers. The duo became close friends during their studies at Design Academy Eindhoven and produced a successful project in 2005 that consisted of innovative details and materials, and a use of color  that translated to their passion for graphic design.

The collection was the starting point of Ontour. The brand is suited for the modern, well-traveled man who seeks quality and simplicity in clothing.


Ontour-SS14-preview-capsule-paris-berlin-we-are-the-market-8 Ontour-SS14-preview-capsule-paris-berlin-we-are-the-market-6

Ontour’s SS14 theme is “Road To Nowhere”. The collection, inspired by the Talking Heads song, Road to Nowhere, is a reflection of the joy of traveling. “It’s all about moving around and not knowing what to expect,” said co-designer Remco van der Velden. “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. No boundaries, no guides, around & around, get lost.”

The collection is a bevy of sophisticated shirts and trousers, distinguished products in a summer color palette, quality fabrics and finishes, and iconic detailing. The man makes the clothing, but this collection will inspire you to explore.

The Ontour SS14 collection is currently at Capsule Paris and will make its way to Capsule Berlin.

Ontour-SS14-preview-capsule-paris-berlin-we-are-the-market-2 Ontour-SS14-preview-capsule-paris-berlin-we-are-the-market-5 Ontour-SS14-preview-capsule-paris-berlin-we-are-the-market-3 Ontour-SS14-preview-capsule-paris-berlin-we-are-the-market-4 Ontour-SS14-preview-capsule-paris-berlin-we-are-the-market-1

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