Jun 12, 2014

Spring/Summer Essentials: Short Sleeve Shirts

One spring/summer garment that I’ve always been a fan of...

One spring/summer garment that I’ve always been a fan of during the warmer months are short sleeve shirts. With many menswear publications & blogs claiming the shirt as a must have trend, I thought I would weigh in on it.

Stigma with Short Sleeve Shirts

There has always been a negative stigma with short sleeve shirts; the old way of thinking is short sleeve shirts are baggy at the sleeves, over sized, worn by unfashionable business men during the summer , or worn by college frat boys at a summer kegger. While some of these stigmas remain true, a modern short sleeve shirt do exist.

Modern Short Sleeve Shirts

The modern short sleeve shirts is trimmed, short around the sleeves, and come in a wide variety of prints, colours, and fabrics; it is as versatile as your summer polo. There is no doubt you’ll be able to find a modern short sleeve shirt that fits your personal style. Whether you’re into fast fashion ( Zara, H&M), Streetwear (Carhartt WIP, Supreme) or high end fashion (Alexander Wang), there are plenty of shirt sleeve options for you to choose from this summer that come in plain colours, simple chambrays, or popping prints.

What to Wear with Short Sleeve Shirts

One consistent theme that I always stress in almost all of my posts is versatility. I know I sound like a broken record, but when you’re purchasing something new for your wardrobe, why not get as many wears out of it as possible? The short sleeve shirt is all about versatility. It can stand on its own and be worn tucked in with a pair of chinos or jeans and loafers, worn with a pair of shorts and sneakers, or be a summer time layering piece underneath a summer blazer; anything works with the short sleeve shirt.

For more info on the shirt I’m wearing please visit the Carhartt WIP Web Shop.

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