Apr 16, 2015

Why You Should Be Wearing Washed Denim This Spring

This spring, style blogger Matthew Wong wants you to trade in your raw denim for a pair of light-wash jeans.

Men take their jeans seriously. We all own at least one pair, and we all wear them often. If you have been following the menswear world the past few years, it’s safe to assume that you’ve been taught that dark indigo denim was always the can’t lose choice. This spring/summer, it’s time to take the opposite approach to denim; instead of reaching for a inky, stiff pair of jeans, try a light-washed pair of denim.

Giving Raw Denim a Break


While a raw pair of denim that fades naturally over months of consistent wearing is a beautiful thing, to get those natural fades often meant a lot of sacrifices that sometimes didn’t justify the experience. A raw pair of denim needs to be broken in and worn-in consistently which means, the first few months of wearing in your jeans are often not a comfortable experience due to the stiffness. Another annoyance with breaking in a raw pair of denim was leakage. The raw indigo is notorious for rubbing off, often staining your white shirts and sneakers. It’s also been almost a decade since we were told to stick to the basics with raw denim, isn’t it about time we try something new?

Why Washed Denim

Washed Denim # 3

Washed denim is simply a pair of jeans that have been pre-washed before they are made available. Washed denim essentially does all the work for you. There is no need to break them in, and are ready to wear once they are bought. Now, I know there is some of you who are a bit hesitant of washed denim due to fact that it brings memories from the early nineties, and the eye sore of dad jeans, but the cut of the new age washed denim is not what they were 20 years ago. The new age washed denim are cut like your favourite pair of denim you’re currently wearing.

What to Wear Wash Denim With

Washed Denim # 1

Spring/Summer is the perfect time to give washed denim a shot. The lighter colour denim can be easily paired with all of your spring mainstays, but I personally think it goes best with any navy or indigo. In terms of footwear, I don’t think you can go wrong with pairing you’re washed denim jeans, with any clean pair of white sneakers. The pair of denim I’m wearing is from Uniqlo’s Miracle Air Denim collection. These are exactly the type of jeans you want to be wearing when the weather warms up. The jeans feature a fibre that is 20% lighter than conventional denim, so you can actually wear jeans during the warmer months and not sweat through them. I wore the jeans in Hong Kong, where high humidity and hot temperatures are the norm, and still felt very comfortable during the hot spring weather.

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