Feb 14, 2014

Spring Summer Travel Guide & Essentials

0 The Spring/Summer Travel Guide & Essentials As a Platinum...

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0Four Seasons Resort Hawaii

The Spring/Summer Travel Guide & Essentials

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As a Platinum Member of American Airlines Travel + leisure is quintessential. Having to keep a minimum of 50,000 miles per year means allot of traveling. Perfect for an executive or that socialite traveling the world

Here are some travel tips and secrets only known to the Travel Savvy elite.

1.) Never pay full price for First Class. How you ask? It’s very easy once you’re in the door, and did your travel in Europe, Asia — you can apply for an Advantage account, all airlines have this. With American Airlines you can buy a low-fare coach ticket on any domestic flight within the U.S and request for an electronic upgrade at the time of booking, within 24 hours of your flight you should recieve notification that you’ve been upgraded to First-class. Saving you allot of Money. A.A Platinum 2.) Never wait in a TSA line. If you’ve been flying with American Airlines for a certain number of years and apart of the Advantage rewards program — they will offer you TSA pre-check status, which means you’re already pre-screened before you enter the Airport. This means, No waiting in that hour long line for the New York to L.A flight.Benefit’s: Shoes stay on, Jacket on, Private TSA screening lane — very swift and efficient.

TSA, Lake Louis

3.) Travel Light

Carry-on’s are the best way to travel for short weekend trips. You can still maintain five designer outfits, all your grooming essentials, travel size kit required though.

Prada carry on

4.) Camera to document your trip. Nikon 600 DSLR is my camera of choice.

Nikon 600

5.) Significant other Friends, lovers, arm candy? Always best to travel with someone.

Lake Louis

Here are some of my travels in the recent years, from Southern California to Hawaii.

Four Seasons Resort Hawaii at HualalaiFour Seasons Resort HawaiiFour Seasons Resort Hawaii

Four Seasons Resort Hawaii at HualalaiThe Four Seasons Resort Hawaii at Hua lalai

St. Regis, Laguna BeachSt. Regis, Laguna BeachSt. Regis, Laguna Beach

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