Apr 02, 2013

Spring Fever

It's official, Miami, is slowly heating up, and by the...

It's official, Miami, is slowly heating up, and by the look of things, this summer will be blazing hot!!! Time to hit the gym, put away the coats and boots, and pull out some tanks and shorts. After a mid-season of black, whites, and different tones of shades we finally get a fresh taste of pastels and light fabrics. Besides the smell of blooming flowers and ocean breeze, the final lap of my college life is upon me. April 2nd, the begging for what will be the end of a chapter.

For this look it was all about integrating as many elements of spring and summer, business and fun. This might be one of my favorite looks so far. It's so professional, but it doesn't loose sight of the youth in me. In a way, it's very Miami looking.


What I wore:
G by Guess pink blazer
Hanes white t-shirt
Scott James baby blue shorts
Vintage briefcase
Kenneth Cole brown dress shoes





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