Feb 05, 2015


CAMA HOME - Back in 2014, 3 awesome guys from...


CAMA HOME - Back in 2014, 3 awesome guys from Minnesota, whom we had the pleasure of meeting, started to develop a line of bed linens. Why bed linens you ask? Upon meeting Scott, James, and Ben this was one of a series of questions we had for them.

Dapprly: What made you want to start manufacturing linens?

CAMA: We started asking our friends and family about their sleeping routines and how often they bought or changed their sheets. After researching the subject, we found that on average men ages 23-46 wash their sheets about every six weeks.

Dapprly: Every six weeks?…That seems a bit long…

CAMA: Yes…every six weeks. Our cotton linens are made and manufactured in the USA, and as a little motivation, every time you wash our sheets they get softer. A common misconception is that a higher thread count means higher quality, and that isn’t the case.

Dapprly: What does the future hold for CAMA Home?

CAMA: We’re looking to expand into manufacturing more home goods. We don’t want to over commercialize our brand so you won’t see CAMA available for purchase in any large chains. It’s also important for us to remain accessible to our customers so we can cater to individual needs.

Dapprly: What items are currently available for purchase?

CAMA: Currently you can purchase a white sheet set which comes with 1 top sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and two pillow cases or two pillow cases separately online.

Dapprly: Anything else you’d like your consumers to know?

CAMA: We’ve put a lot of effort into making sure we’re producing the best product we can and we’re very proud of it. We should all invest in a better sleep.

At a fair price point of $185 for a complete set, these linens will only feel better as time goes on. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we can’t think of a better time to purchase a new set of linens. Few things are more appealing after a promising date than a fresh and comfy pair of sheets, if you catch our drift. Head to CAMA Home and solidify that Valentine’s Day night!

Photos courtesy of CAMA

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