Mar 25, 2015

The Case for Speckled Tweed

Meet speckled tweed—your new favorite fabric. Plus, why you should opt for made-to-measure









One of the best feelings of having a well seasoned wardrobe, comes from the fact that every occasional addition will eventual blend, in a most seamless fashion, with pre-existent garments. Apart from a small percentage of strict, careful buyers, who plan their purchases in advance and actually put some thought into their closet handicaps, most men end up buying whatever catches their eye in the heat of the moment. I must confess that while browsing an array of fabric samples for this vest and blazer combination, over at Gentleman Tailors, my decision was almost entirely based on the sheer beauty of the fabric. In fact, the look depicted here is a perfect example of how several individual favourites can complement each other brilliantly, once you review your options and throw a healthy dose of creativity in the mix.

The main element that binds everything together is undoubtedly fabric: besides the complementing shades of the blazer and pants, both pieces feature an impressive speckled tweed that results in a coherent visual and textural effect. This is yet another supporting evidence that textured fabrics portray a unique feel, lost entirely if plain options were used. Another important aspect to bear in mind is the fact that made-to-measure garments are often a great alternative to consider: chances are you don’t actually need to go bespoke on every single piece, be it because fully handcrafted construction isn’t a requirement or you simply can’t afford it. A quality semi-industrial jacket or suit can serve you perfectly, while allowing enough creative freedom to make your items stand out through individual details and of course, fit. The remaining elements on the look bring the whole ensemble together, through complementing shades and outstanding quality, such as the deep brown studded derbies, green knit tie picking up the shade on the pants, superb artwork print pocket square and the rabbit fur fedora.

Details: made-to-measure speckled tweed vest and jackets by Gentleman Tailors, oxford button-down by Our Legacy, speckled tween pants (part of a suit) by CAMO, studded leather derbies by Carlos Santos, rabbit fur fedora by A Fábrica dos Chapéus, vintage knit tie and Cabaret Montmarte pocket square by Monsieur Fox.

Model and Styling: Miguel Amaral Vieira

Ph: Filipa Alves

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