May 01, 2015

Fulton & Roark Is Your New Favorite Grooming Brand

Sophisticated & easy are a few adjectives that I would...

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Sophisticated & easy are a few adjectives that I would use to describe what I look for in men's grooming products. While I want to use amazing products that make me feel & look great, I don't want to spend too much time or effort to get it done. I believe that a guy should be able to get ready fairly quickly & leave all the primping to the women. Quality products are always a must for me.

Recently I was able to try out Fulton & Roark' s line of grooming products. From their fragrances to their shaving cream, everything about this brand embodies what I look for in men's grooming. The thought process when creating their products was to create 'details that shape the lives of men' because of this their use is extremely easy.

I've become addicted to their unique line of solid colognes. Their compact size makes it easy to carry around with you anywhere. I've personally have enjoyed carrying it in my gym bag at all times. No longer do I have to worry about my cologne bottle busting in my bag, ruining all my clothes. The highly concentrated, wax based fragrance sticks around all day. The Hatteras fragrance is my favorite post-gym because of its fresh & sporty scent. I can honestly say that I've put the bottle down & have been on solid cologne ever since.

Not only are their fragrances great, but their shaving cream is one of the best that I've tried. Its simple & easy, just lather on your wet face & go. In the past I've found that no-foam creams haven't worked well to prevent friction & pulling of my facial hair, but when I used Fulton & Roark's cream I got one of the cleanest & smoothest shaves ever, it is great! The packaging of the cream is phenomenal, the attention to detail sets this product apart.

Shop Fulton & Roark products here & let me know what you think in the comments below!

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