Mar 16, 2014

Solid Ties - Think Outside the Box

As patterned shirts get more and more play in office...

As patterned shirts get more and more play in office settings, it can get tricky to match a patterned tie. However, a plain silk, especially with any type of sheen to it, can look like something you would have worn to prom. Even a toned down version, like a silk twill, is just kind of boring. 

A quick and easy remedy is to stock up on some nice solid ties with interesting textures or fabrics. The solid color scheme will ensure that it will match easily with any pattern, but the visual depth that the texture or fabric choice adds will keep you looking like a man on top of his sartorial game. 

Here are some of our favorite options:

Silk Knit:
This is one of my go-to options year-round. Honestly, a silk knit with an OCBD is probably my favorite combination, and is so incredibly versatile that you'll find yourself reaching for it again and again. It's a look equally at home under a suit as it is with jeans and a tweed blazer. 

Solid Silk Knit Tie in Bordeaux | The Knottery - $18.00

Wool/Cotton Knit:
Keep it seasonal by changing your fabrics appropriately - cotton in the spring and summer, wool in the winter and fall.. The lack of any real shine here makes these a bit more casual, but can still work under a suit if done right - just opt for a coarser or heftier suit fabric with your wool knits, or a lighter summer fabric like linen or cotton (chino would look especially great) with your cotton neckwear.

Solid Wool Knit Tie in Charcoal | The Tie Bar - $15
Knit Cotton Tie | J.Crew Factory - $29.50

Raw Silk: Of all fabrics on this list, I have the least experience with Raw Silk, but maybe the strongest desire to give it a try. The stuff just looks very holds the elegance of a silk material, but the unfinished nature and inherent roughness take it from business to creative.

Solid Raw Silk Tie | Sid Mashburn - $95

The white weft threads in chambray give the fabric a bit more depth than a plain weave or twill, and also lends a lightness to the colors that is perfect for spring and summer. Just be careful, as a good rule of thumb is to keep your tie darker than your shirt. With that in mind, lighter colored ties such as these will work best with a white-based shirt. Of course, if you dig around enough, you'll be able to find a tie cut from dark chambray remeniscent of your favorite pair of jeans:
Stafford Cotton Chambray Tie | JCPenney - $30
Back to winter options, a Donegal wool tie will have the characteristic nubs and flecks that the name is known for. From a distance it will look solid, but up close you'll get some great texture and variation. These pair incredibly well with tweed or heavy english wools. 

New Look Donegal Tie | ASOS - $8.50

Silk Grenadine:

The rest of the options listed here tend to lean at least just a bit more casual, but grenadine knit is all about class. This textured weave is vaguely similar to a plain silk knit, but usually keeps the triangle point (as opposed to flat edge), and is a luxurious (although usually more expensive) alternative that will go great with a sharp power suit and slick dress shirt.

Handmade Slim Navy Grenadine Tie | Charles Tyrwhitt - $85

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