Aug 07, 2014

SlamXStyle: Rainy Day Gear

The old adage says to “save for a rainy day”,...



The old adage says to “save for a rainy day”, but rainy days aren’t usually encouraging for those who like to “make it rain”. When the schedule calls for outdoor excursions but the weather isn’t cooperating, common sense would usually tell you to wear your worst — lest your best get touched by the rain.

But with this week’s SlamXStyle, we prove that falling water is no excuse to be a slouch. We’ve collected the coolest waterproof/water-resistant gear, to keep mother nature’s bad vibes rolling off of you like water on a duck’s back.

It’s been pretty dry here in NYC lately. But rain gear is the kind of purchase you always put off, and then regret putting off as you’re getting rained on walking out the door. Don’t get caught unprepared; put together a kit now!

Ai Weiwei Finger Folding Umbrella

STUSSY Livin’ GENERAL STORE X MoonStar Rain Boots

Barbour Wax Sports Hat

Our Legacy / Pullover Sweater (Oil Blue)

Showers Pass Crosspoint Waterproof Bike Socks

Isaora Mac Coat 

Engineered Garments E-1 Pant – Poplin

Threadsmiths the cavalier 

G-Shock GWN1000B-1B 


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