Jul 16, 2014

SlamXSounds: Drake Samples Behind The Hits

Regardless of how you feel about Drake, you’ve gotta admit...


Regardless of how you feel about Drake, you’ve gotta admit he knows how to stay relevant. Whether he’s touring, dropping albums, letting off loosies on his soundcloud or being The Type, the Toronto Raptor ambassador is forever prevalent. Most of Drake’s moves come with much fanfare, and yesterday’s announcement of his new album Views From The 6 was no exception. The title also had us wondering whether Drizzy was biting Diddy-era J.Lo’s On the 6. Is Aubrey gonna come at us with tales of him swiping metrocards on the Bronx-bound subway?

Drake’s style has definitely been influenced by music past and present, so we wouldn’t put it past him. For this week’s SlamXSounds, we listened to some of his most recent tracks, and discovered the songs that inspired them. We’ve dug in the crates for the Drake samples that birthed some of his best work.

Check out the playlist below, and for more clarity scroll lower for the list of corresponding songs.

“Loss Config” – Zodiac ::: Drake – “WuTang Forever”

“Don’t Say A Word” – Ellie Goulding ::: Drake ft. Jay-Z – “Pound Cake”

“Ambessence Piano & Drones 1″ – Bruno Sanfilippo ::: Drake – “Started From The Bottom”

“Swangin’ and Bangin’” – E.S.G. ::: Drake ft. Lil’ Wayne – “HYFR”

“BTSTU” – Jai Paul ::: Drake – “Dreams Money Can Buy”

“Minute by Minute” – The Doobie Brothers ::: Meek Mill feat Drake – “Amen”

“Too Much” – Sampha ::: Drake – “Too Much”

“Uptown Girl” – Billy Joel ::: Drake – “Uptown”

“Calling On You” – Jon B ::: Drake – “Cameras”

“The Siamese Cat Song” – Peggy Lee ::: Jhene Aiko ft. Drake – “July”



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