Sep 24, 2013

Sitting Down With Todd Snyder

Style | Interview | Michael Tesoriere I recently had the...


Style | Interview | Michael Tesoriere

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the menswear king Todd Snyder at Over The Rainbow in Toronto. We talked for quite a while but I had to narrow it down for you guys.

So, read and enjoy!

The Todd Snyder x Champion collection obviously draws it's inspiration from vintage sportswear. What else would you say inspired this collaboration? 

It was really just a love for the brand. I remember buying my first Champion sweatshirt when I was in college. I fell in love with it, It was like my best friend. I would wear it to the gym, wear it on dates, wear it as a sweater, as a matter of a fact I still have it. 

For me, I also started collecting it when I was working at Ralph Lauren. There was so much emphasis on vintage and the classics that I just fell in love with it. I now have over 2000 pieces in my collection. (yeah, you read that right)

What did you go to school for?

I originally went for Architecture, Business, and then finally in my last two years I was like... I got it! I'm going into design. 

Why did you choose "Made in Canada" instead of "Made In the US"?

There are not a lot of manufacturers left in the US actually. 

As you worked at both J.Crew and Ralph Lauren, do you see any similarities from what you did then to what you're doing now?

When I worked at J.Crew, I launched the Liquor Store. In doing that; I started the collaboration with Timex, I started the collaboration with Red Wing, I started the collaboration with Alden, but this (Champion) was always on my shortlist of ones I wanted to do.

What is your favourite piece from the collection and why? 

My favourite piece from the collection would be this reverse weave sweatshirt (similar). It's like that sweatshirt I talked about from College. It's just a great, universal piece. I like mixing and tailoring it in, I could even see this under a blazer.

Are you making another Champion collection next season? 

I should have it pretty much indefinitely, but I mean for the next 3 years we have it.

Are you going to be doing anything new next season?

Women's and we are also doing some pretty cool outerwear. We're doing varsity jackets and stuff like that.

Are you going to go into shoes, accessories, or anything like that? 

Yeah, we are going to go into shoes, accessories, hats, and stuff. We are going to do everything. (Can't wait)

Incase you were wondering, Todd is wearing the salt and pepper fleece cardigan (similar) and I am wearing an American Needle cap and Hank USA oxford (similar). 


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