May 19, 2015

The 5 Elements of Simple, Foolproof Style

Style blogger Ryan Rosenkilde shares his foolproof recipe for simple style: a great leather jacket and the perfect wingtips can't be beat.

Yesterday I rambled about blogging and how it’s a finicky son of a gun. It takes time, drive, and you really have to love it. One of the hardest parts is finding time to photograph the outfits that I want to talk about. Enter my two new favorite blogging tools: the tripod and remote. I wanted to photograph this casual, laid back leather look but there was no one within miles who could operate a camera/would make me feel comfortable pretending to be a fashion model in front of. That’s when I decided to put my new remote to use. It is the cheapest camera tool you will find and it worked out really well. Took a little longer than having an actual photographer but was relatively painless.

I used to think that fall was the best time to play with layers but it turns out I’m liking spring layering so much more. Maybe because we’ve been having an unusually cool spring. I’ve been really enjoying simple outfits like this that are so easy to replicate again and again but still look like I know what I’m doing. Creating a personal style is essentially about finding combinations that work and recreating them in new, creative ways. For me the emphasis is always on simplicity. I think of that quote about keeping your style simple yet significant. If you’re in the market for a styling mantra, definitely consider putting that one into practice.

Here’s a classic combination of jeans, shirt, jacket but I’m loving the detail of the textured button up with the smooth leather jacket, and then allowing some sock to show with these amazing wingtips. I mean come on, the shoes are awesome–and they are beyond comfortable. With looks like this there is no excuse for a man to leave the house without looking pulled together. Leather Business Casual 1Leather Business Casual 6 Leather Business Casual 2 Leather Business Casual 4 Leather Business Casual 5Leather Business Casual 7 Leather Business Casual 8

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