Oct 03, 2014


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Blazer - Born To Tailor | T-shirt - Handverk |Jeans- Rogue 
Watch- Brera Orologi | Shoes-- Adidas

I’ve always said that I don't want to live forever, BUT I want to create something that will. Cam Newton, Quarterback for the Panthers, said something similar in the video above. Even though he won't play football forever, he wants to create something that will impact the lives of many, or at least try. Cam Newton has teamed up with Drakkar Essence to be the face of their #showyourpower campaign. 

For every follow @DrakkarEssence receives, L’Oreal will donate $5 to the Cam Newton Foundation; more details can be found in the video above.

In honor of this campaign, I wanted to share with you guys what makes me feel powerful, and ways you can add power to your wardrobe. For me, I always like being a rebel and bending the rules. First, nothing says power more than pinstripes, and paired with motocross jeans? You can't get better. Taking my favorite business suit and wearing it casually can be considered a sin for many, but with the right amount of attitude and confidence and my two favorite accessories, nothing else conveys power just do you

When do you feel powerful and confident? What’s your most powerful fashion look? Post a video or picture on Instagram using #showyourpower to help Drakkar Essence and Cam Newton empower others.

The post was created in collaboration with Drakkar Essence and Style Coalition.

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