Jun 17, 2015

It's Shorts Season! Here's How to Celebrate

Summer is here, and The Metro Man celebrates with a classic short, paired with a foolproof striped button-down.


Photo Credit: Jeff Thibodeau

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It’s finally shorts’ season, yay! So, for the longest time I’ve been so anti-shorts, not because I didn’t like them- in fact I love them- but because the way they made me feel. I felt skinny, like REAL skinny. I know some of you guys are reading this and saying that doesn’t sound like a problem, but when you have people coming up to you and saying “oh, wow you’re so thin” with a disgust in their tone—it’s pretty much equivalent to calling a fat person obese. It’s the same thing. With all that said, I finally found the perfect length of how short your short shorts should go. After rolling these Express shorts twice they land perfectly two inches above the knee. (Skinny guys, if you have the same problem as I, it’s better to get these shorts fitted and tapered than have them look baggy on you because large shorts with skinny legs will only make you skinnier.) If you choose to go with a muted short, I would 99.9% of the time suggest wearing a loud shirt (a stripe, graphic or pattern, something fun that shouts summer). Oh, and linen! Linen is your best friend this season. The super lightweight fabric breathes like no other and will cool you down (or at least try) during the heat waves.

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