Oct 27, 2014


We have always been fascinated by proper digital innovation. Even...


We have always been fascinated by proper digital innovation. Even though sometimes we found
 ourselves being disappointed with most of what passes for new and exciting, technology really gets
 us going. With the recent mobile revolution there have been new developments that impact each
and every one of us - one of them being digital payments, which we have started using a couple of
 days ago. On board with BASE, one of Germany's leading communications and phone providers,
and the brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 we received last week, we casted aside our physical wallets
and made a stop at the Kadewe mall in the flourishing old West Berlin for a little treat. While digital
wallets and mobile payments aren't a new idea, the BASE Wallet App was our best companion
 - a very slick, fast, convenient and safe payment option. More after the Read More break!



As you can see, with our new digital wallet BASE Wallet - an app which allows you to shop
 in over 40.000 shops around Germany, store credit cards, membership cards and coupons - we
made a stop at shopping paradise Louis Vuitton, where we got our hands on a beautiful leather
passport holder, perfect for our upcoming travels. Mobile payments are actually as simple
as you'd think, you just load up your Walletcard in the app, hold your smartphone close to the
 payment terminal, enter your pin and boom, you've paid. Amazing, uh? This app is definitely
 a fantastic success, and we recommend you to try it out. We can't wait to see what comes
next, but for now we all still need something to carry our passport and now we've got it! Yey!



This is a sponsored post in collaboration with BASE Germany.

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