Feb 17, 2014

Shipley & Halmos’ Fun And Irreverent Canal Street Popup

Shipley & Halmos’ Fun And Irreverent Canal Street Popup Shop...











Shipley & Halmos’ Fun And Irreverent Canal Street Popup Shop

Shipley & Halmos are no strangers to a sense of humor as anyone whose familiar with their brand knows about their cheeky S&H Athletics diffusion line. Instead of doing a large presentation or a costly show for NY fashion week S&H decided to open a popup shop that is located on Canal Street and harkens back to the fake products sold there. This can most clearly be seen in their ‘Made In S&H’ gold stickers, which are a take on the ‘Made In China’ stickers.

What’s wonderful about this setup is that their team took the time to build out a raw space to reflect the brand ethos. Think of this as the beta version of the Shipley & Halmos retail store. It might not look exactly like this but we know what to expect - quality clothing, cheeky playful adornments, and an environment that’s inviting and modern all at once.

The fun knickknack must haves include our favorite, the author shot glass, which measures how much you’re having to drink by which author was the biggest drunk. Another great purchase is definitely the mug. Apparently we’re biased towards drinking. In any case, if you’re in NYC before February 23rd stop by Shipley & Halmos’ popup shop located on Canal Street just west of West Broadway on the north side of the street. It won’t be long before they launch a more permanent shop and we can’t wait.

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