Jun 16, 2014

Sheriff & Cherry Pre-Fall 2014/2015

Sheriff&Cherry is an eyewear brand worth knowing – add them...


Sheriff&Cherry is an eyewear brand worth knowing – add them to your shopping list today. This brand was founded in 2004 by charismatic Croatian-born and Florence-educated designer Mauro Massarotto. Sheriff&Cherry’s Pre-Fall 2014/2015 collection is left field and literally eye porn. They want to make glasses that brighten people’s eyes and minds and they are very much succeeding. The glasses are funky, colorful and pure genius. The brand states that their sunglasses are hand made in Croatia, in an optical factory founded in 1948 and still manufacturing optical with great attention to craftsmanship. The frames and design scream “summer” and invoke a sense of latent braggadocio that we all have somewhere in our being. Mauro has a very tenured background in apparel design and brand marketing. He is obviously a larger than life figure that strives for expression in the highest form. We believe his glasses will make you see life through his eyes – it’s all a great big, bright and loud party and there is no guest list, you just show up and shout.

The collection is masterful in its design and in its marketing. Strong faced models with colored hair and beards bring the eyewear to life. A standout pair is the “Avio G008 Montecarlo with green lenses” that you can see below – they are simply stunning and straddle the line between ultra-sophisticated and quiet hipster chic. These are very 'own-able'. Other pieces in the collection have a vintage feel that draw from rock and roll, vintage Hollywood glamor and some other gender bending planet. Color is not the enemy with this collection and patterns (including tortoise-like animal print) are also very welcomed. All in all, there are very few mistakes in the lineup and the utter daringness has to be applauded. See their website here.

See the other glasses in the collection in the slideshow above.

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