Feb 28, 2013

Shadow of the Day

I was recently talking to a friend who came to...

I was recently talking to a friend who came to Miami for a few days. She is very excited because she is finally graduating from highschool and most likely moving from her hometown in Virginia. She told me how the was dying to move away, how she was tired of it and how she was never gonna go back nor miss it. I found this very funny because I used to be the same way. I couldn't see the day when I would move out from Puerto Rico. Everyone use to tell me that I would miss it and come back, and yet I kept saying I wouldn't.... but I do miss it. I hadn't realized it but there is definitely no place like home. We are just so used to seeing the bad memories in such a big proportion that we loose sight of all the good things that we went through. Now, everyone has different ways to remember things. In my case, I build memories around songs that I really like from the first moment I hear them. What I mean is that during the time the song is first released, whatever happens during that time is what comes as a flashback when I hear it later on... yeah, I'm kind of crazy, but is one of the best things I can say about music.


 What I wore
Ray Ban sunglasses
Hot Topic black zipper coat
Cotton-On t-shirt
Zara black pants
Betsey Johnson black high tops 
Armani Exchange cross bracelet 




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