Oct 29, 2013

Sensation: The Ocean of White

Never have you ever attend a house music concert?










Sensation: The Ocean of White

Location: Barclay’s Center

Never have you ever attend a house music concert? Well if you’d like to pop your cherry like a virgin in a sea of white, Sensation is calling your name! On their first tour in the US from West to East coast, Sensation came back to New York after two successful debut shows in 2012. Originally started in Europe, this epic show has expanded stateside for obvious reasons (above photos). The party they throw is SICK! Typically I’m a Governor’s Ball kind of guy, but after attending Sensation this passed Saturday I am a changed man. From their internationally famous DJ’s to visuals that will keep you moving to the beat, there wasn’t a short of energy for this 6 hour party that was filled with pyro, water, and confetti. Words can’t begin to describe the amount of fun I had and beats that were dropped. Just take my word and visit the next time you have a chance, because seldomly do you have the chance to be apart of an ocean of white!

photography: sensation.com

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