May 07, 2014

Seeing Summer Differently: Warby Parker S/S 14

What started a little over four years ago over a...

What started a little over four years ago over a few pints of Yuengling between friends, has quickly morphed into one of the most inspiring and beloved eyewear brands in the world today. From helping you optically, to protecting your eyes from the rays of the sun, Warby Parker is constantly re-examining how we look at eyewear. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they kept that ideology in mind for their summer line.


From pieces that mirror the past, to the new and emerging, Warby Parker set about to create a new line that would both capture the ease of summer as well as a sartorial escape to the places we love. Simplicity. Ease. Style. These are the words that capture the motivation behind the new specs.


As per usual, Warby Parker glasses and sunnies are primarily unisexual; and even though some styles are more conducive to certain looks than others, all capture the classic ease that Warby Parker has come to be known for. From different colored tortoise patterns to the always classic black rims, the eyewear company has something for everyone.


From the slim and sleek Ormsby (above right) to the oversized, yet practical Cliff (above left), Warby Parker will help to keep you cool and protected without breaking the bank. Of course, if I needed optical help, the Haskell Woodgrain Tortoise design (below) would be my pair of choice as it helps to offer a sleek, classic design while still maintaining full utility (...or I might just go and buy the sunnies version here (and shown below)). So whether sitting down to enjoy a good read on the sun-soaked deck, or needing a pair to shield your eyes from the hot summer sun, Warby Parker has what you need to stay protected from the summer sun and enjoy the dog days ahead. Plus, with every purchase you can don your new pair with confidence and feel good about what you are helping Warby Parker to do- and that alone should make you smile.



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