Feb 06, 2015

Season Staples: Green and Camel

Season Staples: Green and Camel One of the things I...








Season Staples: Green and Camel

One of the things I love the most is experimenting, to an extent, with set in stone foundations of menswear: be it by taking classic staples out of context through different ways of wearing and combining them, or simply picking essential shades and mixing them unexpectedly. Not only does this exercise allows for the exploration of your own boundaries and creativity, it actually provides the chance to “increase” your wardrobe by maximizing the number of ensembles you get out of it. On this occasion I took the timeless elegance of camel and paired it with two of my favourite shades of green: army and moss.

Although a linen sahariana is an unexpected choice for winter wear, this version from MAN 1924 makes the perfect layering alternative, granted you resort to other heavyweight pieces for warmth. This was just case, with the chunky jacquard knit and tailored Loro Piana doeskin sports coat adding that extra protection against the elements. Funny that these 2 pieces go so well together as both of them were found completely by chance: the sports coat was a steal at Gentleman Tailors, whereas the jacquard wool/alpaca knit was the sole remnant from menswear designer Claudia Garrido’s latest collection. Although I don’t usually sport graphic motifs on any of my garments, the intricate jacquard and unique weaving techniques made me open an exception. Charcoal worsted wool slacks and suede boots complete the look.

Details: linen sahariana by MAN 1924, Loro Piana doeskin sports coat and 120s worsted wool slacks by Gentleman Tailors, wool/alpaca jacquard knit by Cláudia Garrido, suede boots by Purificacion Garcia, oxford mao collar shirt by Ozwald Boateng and driving gloves by Zara.

Ph: Filipa Alves

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PS: Stay tuned for an upcoming Beyond Fabric x Cláudia Garrido capsule collection, coming soon.

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