Mar 06, 2013

SculptX Men's Performance Undergarments

Since 2007, SculptX owners Jenny and Venus have been designing...


Since 2007, SculptX owners Jenny and Venus have been designing quality high-performance undergarments for men. To our knowledge, they are the only manufacturers of 100% Made in USA high-performance men's undergarments, and only one of four companies that produce 100% Made in USA men's undergarments. SculptX was born after the owners realized that there was no men's performance undergarment on the market that met their requirements.

"Once SculptX was born, we began our research for fabrics, contractors and suppliers." After the research was done, they set forth to design a compression undershirt that was versatile enough to be worn under everything from dress shirts to t-shirts. Next, they began manufacturing boxer briefs to create a more fitted alternative to modern, bulky boxer briefs. "The added support of our fabric not only helps streamline the body but won’t add extra bulk. Our products are basic but are available in a wide range of sizes from regular, big and tall." SculptX has added size ranges for all men, adding comfort and ease to every man's wardrobe.


SculptX is 100% Made in the USA and 100% Made in California. They are passionate about keeping production here in the States. All the manufacturing takes place within Los Angeles County. While the U.S. garment industry has been declining over the years due to outsourcing, SculptX proudly continues to sustain local jobs by working "with a number of local resources including our pattern maker, grader, cutters, contractor, packaging, and printing."

The special fabric used for all SculptX undershirts and briefs is a 6-ounce fine gauge jersey that is slimming yet comfortable. Their materials are sourced from a local mill in Carson, California where the ideal fabric for the garments is manufactured. The Carson mill garments "are knitted and dyed on the premises with wonderful quality and delivery...Even though the cost is more expensive in the States the advantage of knowing that we are shipping a quality product gives us peace of mind."

The high performance micro-polyester fabric is breathable and wicks away moisture. SculptX notes that local manufacturing gives them a key advantage when it comes to Quality Control, delivering on the best possible product to their customers. "We are hands on, ensuring that each step is done with quality and care which can only be achieved locally."

SculptX continues to be a driving force in the Los Angeles apparel industry, supporting stable American jobs for Californians and providing quality performance undergarments for men. "We have watched the disappearance of so many industries in the U.S. If just a handful make the effort to buy Made In America products - even though it costs a little more - they can change the livelihood of so many of our citizens."

Be a part of the movement to revive American Manufacturing. The next time you're looking for men's quality performance undergarments, please visit


All Photos and Information Courtesy of SculptX

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