Jan 17, 2014

Photographer Interview: Sébastien Zanella

Sébastien Zanella is a french photographer and the editor in...


Sébastien Zanella is a french photographer and the editor in chief of one of the best street culture magazines, Desillusion. His photography showcases scenes from the skating and surfing scene, along with other street-photography shot on film. His photographs express a huge amount of freedom and satisfaction, which we truly admire.

We catched up with him for a little interview, here is how that went:

Sebastien, what’s an average day like for a photographer/editor like you are?

Oh, mainly I wake up and I improvise. If I’ve got little time and a wifi connection I answer my emails and try to set together a group of talented people for making the next Desillusion Magazine. But I’ve been on the road for a while , so usually , i wake up and walk a lot wherever I am, trying to find something to shoot. Again my life is all about improvisation.

Where does your fascination for photography come from?

I’ve never been fascinated by photography – doesn’t speak for myself – what I love mainly is to shoot. Photography for me is like an excuse. An excuse to go out and see beautiful – weird things. Yes, like a quest. A treasure quest. Trying to find something interesting, where hundred of people pass around and didn’t see it. Somehow like a second reality.

How would you describe what you do, do you think of it as a job?

I would never call that a job. Sometimes I think that someone will come from no where and tell me “That’s it, it’s over, it’s not a job, you have to work in a factory – having routine in your life”. I think I have reached all my childhood dreams, so it’s hard to call it a job. When you think that if i wouldn’t earn money with photography, I would probably work at Mc donalds & shoot at the side, doing the same thing – for free.

Who are you shooting with these days?

Right now, I can’t really say with who I’m shooting – all I can say is that he’s a pro-surfer. I’ve been following him in Hawaii the past month, and right now, I’m in Los angeles to finish this documentary.

Do you prefer digital or film?

I only shoot on film. Not for the trend, not so much for the final result, it’s just because I’m kind of obsessed with doing perfectly with what I have in mind and when I was shooting on digital I’d pass hours to get the perfect photo – having the perfect set… ect.

How old are you?


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