Mar 26, 2015

This Might Just Be the Most Inspiring Place in London

Inside Saatchi Gallery, an modern, minimal art museum in London, England.

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Saatchi Gallery is my place to seek inspiration. All minimal, black and white with interesting art, sounds like my Instagram feed. You might know that the photos are the heart of my blog and I'm always writing just a couple of lines. That might be because personally I hate reading. In my entire life I've read only one book and usually when it comes to Vogue, I'm just browsing the editorials. Once I tried to read the first Harry Potter. A week after I got too annoyed and bored to death when I was still at the first chapter when my 10-years-old little brother read the book from the cover to the end in the meantime . It's not because I'd be a silly city boy, I just get more satisfaction from a floating tree at a gallery. From now on this will change because reading is the new sexy. Book recommendations needed...

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