Apr 27, 2015

Running Wild in Finland

Mikko Puttonen shares his last day in Finland—in stylish GIF form, of course.

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TNBP CLOTHING biker jacket

ALL SAINTS denim jacket
ZARA turtleneck
A LL SAINTS trousers

It's my last evening in Finland and can't wait to get back home. Hard to believe how blind have I been when I've thought that it's hard to find good locations in Finland. Maybe I've just been too close to see how beautiful it really is. Now I'm just wishing that I'd have had a couple of more suitcases of clothes and plenty of time to shoot. But well maybe we're happy with a couple of great posts, right? I wanted to shoot only with nature locations because you might guess that there will be a lot of black, white and grey walls when I'll get back..

Photos Sanni Hirvonen

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