Aug 10, 2015

Up Close and Personal With Artist RJ Raizk

Interview with RJ Raizk by Guest Editor Raun LaRose 1....

Interview with RJ Raizk
by Guest Editor Raun LaRose

1. Tell us a little about your background? Where you from and how long have you been an artist?

I’m from Ohio and moved to New York when I went to SVA. It started with me always doodling in class. I would come home after school and watch anime, I was drawn in by the way the characters were stylized and moved. It was more graphic than actual drawing.

2. I’ve seen some of your work in person and the thing that I find the most amazing and quite scary at the same time is your accuracy and precision details. What’s your process like when working?

I don’t really have a process, I just start when I feel like making something, and once I begin my arm is like a printer. The process is more ritualistic than cerebral. My designs are influenced by the cosmos and my take on cellular structures. Every design is built as I go, I never have a solid plan on what I am doing.

3. When you’re creating what music do you like to have on rotation?

It’s always something new because I am constantly searching for new music everyday. It’s mostly either hip-hop or electronic/ambient music. I listen to QUATTRØ, Mssingno, and Aphex Twin.

4. You’ve collaborated with Lacoste & The Tribeca grand hotel. How did those projects come about and what advice would you give to young artists trying to get their work out there?

I was commissioned for quick interior design jobs for events, making walls look cool and doing my art in places where people were having a good time. From there it slowly turned into me being commissioned to doing people’s apartments, as well as hotel rooms, etc. I would tell young artists: do you, work towards what you love and be nice during the process. Its really interesting from a personal stand point how good things happen to those who focus on their craft.

5. State of emergency: If aliens were attacking us and you had to evacuate your place immediately what three things would you take from your closet?

My Carhartt Starter cap, my black Jansport backpack, and my music and heaphones.

6. Lastly what’s next for RJ?

I’m currently working on a project for MTV and working on my own personal paintings. I recently had a show that was well received.

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