May 06, 2014

Restaurant & Bar Design | A Taschen book

“Restaurants and bars offer architects and interior designers the opportunity...

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“Restaurants and bars offer architects and interior designers the opportunity to design for both style and entertainment. Aesthetics and function must come together to create ambiance and conviviality in a way that not only makes a bold first impression, but also secures a loyal following of regular customers” (quoted from Taschen website). The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards—the world’s only awards dedicated to hospitality design—recognize the importance of this particular field, singling out the world’s most exceptional settings for eating and drinking.

Divided into five chapters (for each continent), this Taschen book features 100 highlights from the establishments put forward to the panel. Either you’re looking for new designs for your home, or basically want to know about the most designed restaurants of your city, this book is a must-have on your coffee table.

va_restaurant_bar_design_Hype Means Everything_L'idiot restaurant Taiwan

va_restaurant_bar_design_Hype Means Everything_Pio Pio Restaurantva_restaurant_bar_design_Hype Means Everything_Pio Pio restaurant interiorva_restaurant_bar_design_Hype Means Everything_Germain Restaurant Paris va_restaurant_bar_design_Hype Means Everything_Germain Restaurant interior

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