Oct 31, 2014

Respect the season: A look at fall-winter accessories

The fall-winter season is a great season for accessories. Here’s...

Gagliardi Fall-Winter 2014-2015 The fall-winter season is a great season for accessories. Here’s why: This time of the year, we take out a series of fall-winter accessories designed and created especially for this period. Gloves, scarves and winter hats come out and take the spotlight.

Generally, scarves, gloves and other accessories created especially for the wintertime feature an aesthetic designed to walk in tandem with the cold weather and the short days of the winter. This is why, to create a cohesive and outstanding looks, a sartorially-interested man must always remember that the clothes you wear, even though they must not exactly match, must go together.

We know you won’t find any scarves and gloves that incorporate a summer aesthetic, which is why you need to adapt your ties, bow ties, cufflinks and socks to these items. As you probably already know, winter garments feature mostly subdued colors, muted patterns with thin interventions of color, like the delicate and fragile sun rays that touch our faces during the frosty winter time. The dark, beautiful and delicate colors, as well as the patterns designed for the winter, contrast against the white landscape, just like our feelings of warmth contrast with the cold weather.

Just in time for a wardrobe update, one of our favorite European brands, Gagliardi, has prepared for the fall-winter 2014- 15 season with a series of clothes and accessories that can make winter not only warm, but very elegant as well.

What we like about their new collection is that they don’t offer clothes and accessories in dull, dark, colors, but rather in deep, rich hues, paired with bright accent colors, resulting in a collection of amazing, three-dimensional, engaging and dynamic collection. What they set out to do is to create a collection which every man can use to look stunning and comfortable even during the cold winter time. The collection was inspired by the intriguing Italian region of Tuscany. According to their press release, this region has a “special inclination towards a national sport of wild boar alias ‘cinghiale’ hunting. Men from Tuscany don’t hunt boar wearing about anything. They dress up artfully, respecting the season, and respecting the hunt as the ancient cultural tradition that it is, giving it their full and unparalleled attention. And Gagliardi’s latest collection has certainly proven worthy of respect for the very evident attention to minute detail that lends the entire gamut of seasonal garments an air of innovatively tailored elegance.”

Their statement continues with a very beautiful depiction of the reasoning behind the colors, patterns and materials:

“The colors being presented here reverberate the feel of the hunt, the undergrowth and the wood bark, the fallen dry foliage, the shielded sunshine and the watercourse ways. The textures leave one somewhat nonplussed, so aptly do they transmit the warm excitement that runs as an undercurrent between men on the hunt in the woodlands. Of particular note is the use of suede, wool, corduroys and varied weights of fabrics in browns, blues, purples, navy and mustard. The general feel draws on sturdy, old-time character rendered contemporary with subtle tweak of innovation.”

What is great about their lines of accessories is that they can be matched together easily. Here are some examples:


Ties and pocket squares

Ties are one of the most common men’s accessories, and pocket squares are one of the rarest, but mixing them, you will advance in the society of well-dressed men.


Tie and pocket square


When you want to wear both a tie and a pocket square, you need to make sure that they differ in fabric and color/pattern/print. For great results, you should wear a tie and a handkerchief that feature different (sized) prints. The rule to mixing prints or patterns is that they need to be different in size. Small lines go with big lines, big dots, big paisley, etc. and vice-versa.

Here is an example of how you can wear tie made from a rougher fabric with a very fine pocket square. Notice how both pieces feature prints, but different ones. The colors work great together, as the tie is neutral (the pattern contains only neutral colors, which are colors that can be matched to any other color – these are black, white, gray, brown, beige, khaki, tan, ivory, dark blue, etc.) and wearing these two accessories combined can style up any simple suit.


Fancy cufflinks

Cufflinks are great accessories if you want to add some personality to your shirt. A great pair of cufflinks can speak volumes about yourself.


Fleur De Lys-Cufflinks


Here is an example of a pair of Fleur de Lys cufflinks, which can give any shirt a royal vibe.


Pink-Insert-Cufflinks Gagliardi


On a side note, you can even wear pink in the winter, as these cufflinks prove. Wonderful color and design!




Gagliardi scarves


A good scarf has two functions: it keeps you warm and looks incredible stylish. Scarves come in all shapes and sizes, all fabrics and densities. For best results, our advice is to wear a scarf that is proportionate to your body. This means that if you are a thin guy, you shouldn’t wrap yourself in a long, thick scarf, you might look like cotton candy.

On the other hand, if you are big and tall, a long, dense scarf is what you should go for. Longer scarves left hanging can actually make you look leaner, but they can also make you look taller. A tip to only look leaner and not taller is to wear a scarf that is long, but made from a dense, thick material, this way, the fabric will balance out the design and you will look balanced and polished.

Average men can actually wear pretty much anything, but again, a medium scarf is probably the best choice they can make.




Gagliardi belts


Winter is the perfect time to renew your belt. A simple leather belt is a great accessory to be worn on a daily basis. Always make sure that your belt matches your shoes, this will give you structure and cohesiveness and that the belt is made from a quality material. You wouldn’t want it to break and your pants to fall down!

If you want to go for a belt that will be suited for a variety of outfits, you should definitely opt for a brown or black one (depending on what color your shoes are). If you want to wear a belt that is more casual, you can go for one that features a special design, a pattern or a texture.


Bow ties


Gagliardi bow ties


Because we all love bow ties, why shouldn’t you make this fall-winter season all about wearing bow ties? Bow ties are amazing accessories that add elegance and style even to casual outfits! There are many casual bow ties out there; you just need to find the right one for you! Make sure that the bow tie you wear is proportionate to your body (bigger men should opt for larger bow ties, smaller men should choose thinner ones) and you are all set!


To conclude, we can say that accessories are amazing style pieces a man can use to enhance his appearance, add personality to his outfits and express who he is through his clothes. The weather should not be an impediment to dressing up smart and to having a great look every day!


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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