Sep 19, 2015

Take a Look at This Remote Mountain-View House Overlooking the Austrian Alps

Designed and implemented by Slovenian firm SoNo arhitekti, the Mountain...

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Designed and implemented by Slovenian firm SoNo arhitekti, the Mountain View House is a private residence overlooking the Austrian Alps. Located close to the famous skiing region of Kitzbuehel, the hillside retreat was meant to follow the lines of the surrounding landscape: “The residence takes different shapes depending of the viewer’s standpoint due to it’s playful design of the gable roofs that echoes the shape of nearby mountain peaks. The lowest level is more grounded and darker but still followed with spectacular views. Landscape around the house is shaped into terraces that follow the natural terrain while each having it’s own purpose – sauna, jacuzzi, leisure area, garden, orchard”, the architects stated.
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Wood and concrete were the main elements used for the interior design scheme, creating a genuine and welcoming atmosphere. The layout of Mountain View House project is complex, envisioned for modern living, as well as for entertaining: “Main entrance is located on the street side and leads to an open space mid level area with a stunning view to the Alps. Down the stairs a large living area is arranged which on the left opens to a spacious kitchen and dining area and on the right to a luxurious sleeping area. The basement is designed into a tradional Zilberstube – room for celebrations and friendly gatherings It is complimented with a wine cellar, guest bedrooms and fitness room.” [Photos by Matevž Paternoster]
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