May 16, 2014

Regarding the Grail: The Brooks Brothers OCBD

It's a farce. Get off your sartorial high horse and...

It's a farce. Get off your sartorial high horse and let's get real for a second. I know why you all like it, but I'm just here to say there are better options out there. Yes, I'm talking about the Brooks Brothers' OCBD. No, I am not talking about what people today think is an ocbd, but rather a real OCBD. The term O xford C loth B utton D own, refers to a shirt that is made of oxford cloth and has a button down collar. Any variation to this definition refers to a button UP and not a button DOWN.


 Now, if you've spent any time in the blogosphere (esp the prep, ivy, & trad realms..) you will know that the grail OCBD is the Brooks Brothers OCBD. For an almost ridiculous reason, this shirt holds more sway than others and here it is- the roll. Yes, I am referring to the collar roll which you can see in the picture below.


Ok, I get it. It looks pretty cool. However, my complaints against this shirt far outweigh the benefits. However, to semi-support both sides of the argument, here's a list of pros and cons.



  • Composition- It's a beautiful, hardy oxford cloth
  • Style- I love a good button down
  • Roll- Yes, it's beautiful


  • Shrinkage- I've purchased so many Brooks Brothers shirts over the years, its getting ridiculous. Yes, they have been anything from pinpoint cotton, non-iron, oxford cloth, seersucker, chambray, etc. this list goes on. However, none have even come close to any sort of shrinkage like my pink OCBD. Yes, I wash them all the same way, and no I have not gained any weight (I have lost some though...). yet, this pink wonder seems to shrink with every washing. 
  • Sleeve-Facing Button- There is none. It does not exist. It does not exist on any BB shirt (save those in the Red Fleece line). If you've ever had to work with your hands and break a sweat then you've probably been inclined to roll your sleeves up. Be ye forewarned, the sleeve-facing button is the game-changer when it comes to ease, comfort, and style of rolling up your sleeves. Don't know what it is? (shown below).
  • Length- Brooks Brothers is almost infamously known for their short shirting. It's not cool. 
Freak out about a stupid roll that literally does nothing for you, but I'm off to get a shirt that fits and and actually works with me. And let's be honest, nowadays everyone makes a solid oxford cloth shirt. And the roll can be found in other places (shown here & above), so quit moaning and get over it. FOR THE RECORD, this is not a rant against the company, I own too many items of clothing from this revered clothier to do that. I'm simply saying that we should put things in proportion. That is all. #preparedtolosefollowers

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