Dec 09, 2013

Refreshing My Look

I've been wanting to do something new with my 'look'...

I've been wanting to do something new with my 'look' lately, and haven't really felt up for a new haircut or anything that bold. Instead, I went with a new pair of specs, which is pretty much the safest way to reboot your image, since you can just take them off. At the same time, a bold new pair of glasses will inject your style with a completely new edge.

Now, even with good vision insurance, new glasses tend to be pretty damn expensive. Fortunately, the trend that's taking over the apparel industry of cutting out the middle-man, taking everything in-house, and offering products at minimal markup costs has hit optics as well. Warby Parker has quick become one of my favorite eyewear designers, with classic 'bookish' styles as well as bold modern frames, and the best part is they manufacture and retail their products themselves. This lets them offer all of their frames (with prescription lenses included) at a steal of $95. 

You've all seen my glasses before, clocking in with a smaller, rectangular shape. I decided to grab two pairs, and tried to go for something that kept my aesthetic but added a fresh factor. For the first pair, I kept the same 'scale' for the frames...not much thicker, not much bigger on my face, but went for a rounder shape with the Preston frame.

Preston in Whiskey Tortoise | Warby Parker
I love the kind of 'professorial' look these frames lend, and I haven't had round frames in forever. Since the change of shape is a bit more up-front, I went with the subtler 'Whiskey Tortoise' color choice.

For the second pair, I kept the rectangular shape, but shook up the scale and went with something a bit bigger and bolder. The Beckett frames are slightly thicker than my own, but more noticeably are significantly taller.

Beckett in Striped Evergreen | Warby Parker
I think these are a great balance between a kind of vintage, Buddy Holly look and something more modern and up-to-date (especially with the 'Striped Evergreen' color choice).

My order went in yesterday, so they should be here soon! Check out the whole selection at Warby Parker, they have everything, acetate frames, metal frames, round, square, big, small, all at unbeatable prices. Fan-freakin-tastic customer service as well, which goes a long way for a Wide Eyes, Tight Wallets endorsement!

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