Jun 06, 2014

Rakani – For The Fashionably Late Man Who Wears A Watch

Let’s face it, men wear watches for more than just...

Rakani watch

Let’s face it, men wear watches for more than just to tell the time. I mean, your smartphone already has the time. Your Smarty Ring probably does too, which leaves the statement of your watch as probably the most important aspect.

Introducing the watch that understands that you have other things on your mind besides when your girlfriend needs picked up from her hair appointment, and when you are expected to be over at your in-laws for dinner. In fact, I might even be so bold as to say that the Rakani Fashionably Late Collection, understands the meaning of life even more than Monty Python.

Rakani sent over their “What Time?” watch for review earlier this year, and I have had a great time getting to know my inner slacker. I chose the 40mm silver on black casing, as I am a fan of big, bold faces. I am also a fan of the design on this watch—in particular, because I had never seen anything quite like it.

Sure, there are lots of gimmicky watches out there that poke a little fun at the social nature of keeping time. A few of my favorites are still the Five o’clock Somewhere Series by Happy Hour, and the Diesel Mr. Daddy. However, this watch manages to have some fun, yet still keep a classic appearance that seems to fit with just about anything from a pair of denim jeans to a pink tux.

The craftsmanship on this watch is excellent for its sub-$200 range. It comes with a 3-piece stainless steel finish, double-padded leather band, mineral crystal, and Miyota Quartz movement. Some watches are simply for show, some are more for go… and the Rakani, What Time? watch is… well, because you can–and you should.

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