Jan 23, 2014


Photos by The Metro Man If you're familiar with my...




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If you're familiar with my blog then you will quickly pick up on my obsession with bags, all sorts, from backpacks, messengers, envelopes and the infamous, man-clutches. We are currently living in a world where men are finally open to the idea of buying and wearing different bags. I remember when men were opposed to the idea of owning more than two pairs of shoes, and now they own more pairs than their girlfriend/sister. Exhibit A: I own more pairs of shoes than my sister, who by the way has an unhealthy obsession with shoes. When I came across Ben Minkoff's latest treasures, which continue to get better by season, I knew I had to share with you bag fanatics. What to expect from Ben Minkoff's new collection? Camo, stripes, fun backpacks and is that croc skin? Count a brother in.  What I love most about Minkoff's latest collection is there's a piece for every man, for the fashion focused gent and for the conservative man. Here's a sneak peek of Ben Minkoff's latest Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

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