Apr 13, 2015

Every Man Needs a Pair of Leather Driving Gloves

We, the Timeless shares a classic pair of driving gloves from Profound Aesethetic—a must for any gentleman.

Music Suggestion: M83 – Midnight City


We firmly believe that leather driving gloves are the ultimate daps’ for nailing a classy and stylish outfit. Graeme proves it as he drives these Profound Aesthetic biker gloves home – besides, what’s more timeless than leather?

While spring is in premature bloom we realize that the mornings and evenings are still cold, and you never know when winter might rear its nasty head again. Nothing is worse than the wind whipping your hands when you’re out for a drive, or out for a walk. Come on guys, how much can you really write about a pair of driving gloves? They’re new and haven’t had a chance to be worn in yet; there’s no story. That’s the beautiful thing about leather, it ages with you and tells your story – check back in a decade to see where these timeless leather driving gloves have gone.

There’s one general rule you should always remember about leather. Your belt, watch strap, shoes, and if applicable, gloves should always be the same color. You don’t want to go mixing black and brown all willy nilly, it just takes away from the class you created from the bare knuckle leather driving gloves.


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