Dec 17, 2013

Product Review: Industry Portage Co. Wool + Suede Tote -  It has...

Product Review: Industry Portage Co. Wool + Suede Tote - ...








Product Review: Industry Portage Co. Wool + Suede Tote - 

It has been a while since I reviewed any sort of bag or featured a strictly bag-related company on the blog, so I was thrilled to hear from RJ Diaz of Industry Portage Co., a company offering bags, wallets, dopp kits, and cases. RJ gave me a brief background of his company, one that looked very attractive from my quick inspection, and offered to send me a bag that was being released for his Fall/Winter 2013 collection. I haven’t added any new bags to my line-up (besides an army surplus duffle) in forever; this ended up being an incredible addition to my bag rotation and wardrobe. 

The bag that I got is a black and gray wool and suede work tote, and it is absolutely beautiful. The materials are obviously the first thing that you notice about the bag, the combination of soft, unstructured wool and soft suede gives the bag a very unique appearance, different from the more rigidly structured bags that we are used to seeing. The inside material is just as impressive, if not more; the cobalt blue interior is made of 190T RPT liner, a completely recycled material. The colors accent the stainless steel hardware that makes up the rivets, zippers, clasps, and D-rings, and overall the bag has an extremely elegant look for its casual tote bag classification. 

I guess this a good time to say that I wouldn’t consider this a tote bag upon first inspection, and that is because of the amount of storage space and the overall features of the bag. As you can see in the pictures above, the bag is surrounded with nine exterior pockets of varying sizes, perfect for stashing things like your phone, a small book, notebooks, passport, water bottle, candy bar, nine candy bars, a hot dog, ketchup for the hot dog, your pager, fat stacks, etc. The inside is just as convenient, with a long zippered pocket on one side of the bag and a pouch pocket and six pen slots on the other. An added plus is the shoulder strap, in addition to the handles.

The construction is what struck me the most about this bag. It’s really what brings everything together. The details are executed perfectly, and the bag feels like it knows what it’s doing. The bottom is made of a single-piece suede, just as high quality as the straps. There isn’t a single stitch that looks out of place, and the hardware is impressively solid.

This is a bag that could be taken to work every single day for a year and stand up just fine, and that’s what I would recommend doing with it. It’s a perfect size for just about any laptop (17” x 14” x 5”), and as you can see, has plenty of room for a few other necessities. You could even use it for an overnight, although I wouldn’t suggest a weekender. Overall, Industry Portage Co. Impressed me. The product was beautiful and quite obviously of the highest quality. I can’t thank RJ enough for the perfect tote, a bag from which I usually stay well away. 

Bag Contents:

  • Wool Scarf - Lands’ End
  • Sweater - L.L. Bean
  • Leather Pouch - Lotuff
  • Portable Hard Drive - LaCie
  • Detroit Tigers Cap - Fan Favorite
  • Magazines - GQ, Communication Arts, Print
  • Insulated Thermos - Hydro Flask
  • Phone - iPhone 5s
  • Pens - Micron
  • Sunglasses - Ashcroft

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