Jun 18, 2013

Product Review: BALL for BMW Timepieces

Introducing the new timepiece collection from BALL with the German...

Introducing the new timepiece collection from BALL with the German luxury car brand, BMW. The aesthetic of the new BALL for BMW watch collection is highly influenced by the lines of BMW cars and includes details that evoke their engines and bodies. The alternating polished and satin-finish surfaces further enhance the quality of the work that has gone into the BALL for BMW watch collection.

The range of watches all include the micro H3 gas tubes on the dials, which gives off a luminosity 100 times brighter than the standard coating used on other watches and last for 25 years! In addition there is the patented anti shock system called Amortiser, which protects against water, shock and even electricity.
To guarantee supreme performance, all the movements have undergone chronometer certification and incorporate the most functions of a collection of elegant and sophisticated watches: solo tempo (hour and date), GMT function (second time zone), or a more sophisticated model with a power reserve indicator.
Depending on your style, the bands range from tapered stainless steel bracelet, rubber strap to crocodile leather strap with folding buckle.



Yes! So much tech features, for more on the collections www.ballwatch.com/bmw

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