Feb 20, 2013

Popular Men’s Beard Styles for 2013

You might remember a post we did that covered the...


You might remember a post we did that covered the top men’s hairstyles for 2013 , but what happens if you are a man with a beard? Is the hair on your head related to your facial hair? Does what you do to one change the other? In short no. You can rock two completely different styles, but if you are looking to create some impressions, and facial harmony, understanding how your beard and hairstyle (or lack of hair) goes together can make the world of difference.

According to the Beard and Stache Festival (yes, it’s a real thing we promise), there are some pretty key things to look out for when choosing a beard. They brought together the bearded men of the world to show off and share in their experiences of what it is to be a man with a moustache. As this is their 5th anniversary, it goes to show how much further we have to go in establishing some ground rules but beards and mustaches have been around for as long, as well, we have.

Whether you love or loath your facial hair, here’s some handy hints on what to do with it this coming year!

Photo credit: Beard and Stache

You can view the participants and winning facial designs here.

Popular Beard Trends for 2013

This year, pretty much any facial hair is considered a good thing, but we hope these informative pics will help you get some ideas on how to trim and tame your mane.

The Elegantly Wasted

Don’t let the name fool you, this look still requires maintenance, but the proof is in the pudding when it comes to highlighting the somewhat lazy, somewhat promiscuous Elegantly Wasted beard. The way to make this style work is to keep the length short, otherwise you risk falling off the wagon and into hobo territory – a look that never has and probably (read, hopefully) never will be in style.

Photo credit: Zoom Cinema

Keanu Reeves has been sporting this style for a few years now but shook things up when he grew his hair out in 2013 and took on the Buddy Christ style – and we have to say, it works!

The Cool and Carved

The Cool and Carved is a slightly higher maintenance look popular with a modern crowd. It works great with mid-length and shorter hairstyles and packs maximum impact. This is also a great style if you have an intricate haircut, or are looking for ways to polish up.


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